Barbara Gayle
Edwards did an excellent job on my roof. His price was reasonable. I would recommend him.
Will McCoy
I would recommend Edwards contractor roofing service to anyone because I was very satisfied with the work you did about ten years ago on my roof and I'm satisfied with the installation of the roof on 11/10/21.Thank You
Michael Richardson
Ed was very knowledgeable and professional. I would like to use him as a recommendation for my friends to use for there roofing jobs.
Alicia G.
Edward Roofing completed my roof in equitable time when the weather prevailed. The work was done professionally, I highly recommend this company, it was an excellent choice selecting them. Pictures were taken and sent all throughout the process of the work. I am extremely satisfied with the work.
Calvin Cato
This company did roof repair on my mother's house. Edward was super-responsive and did an excellent job fixing the issue, in addition to correcting the roofing work done by a previous contractor. I'd highly recommend Edward!
Dory McH
Over the past three years! I have used Edward's Roofing for my roofing and plumbing. In this instance, anytime we had heavy rain or thunderstorms, I had water pouring down from the back of my roof and it appeared to be coming from the gutter or behind the gutter in a particular section of the roof. Edward's made an assessment of the problem and diagnosed that the gutter needed replacement as it was no longer properly affixed and the wood at the edge of the roof leading into the gutter was old and splintering. At his suggestion, I went up with him to the roof and I could clearly see for myself exactly what he diagnosed. The gutter was dilapidated and the wood on the edge of the roof was dried and splintering. He removed the existing gutter and installed a new one, he installed new wood boards on the back of the roof, covered the wood boards with tar paper, I believe, then covered that with flashing and a final covering of Firestone rubber. He overlapped the rubber over the edge of the gutter which ensures an even tighter seal. What's comforting to me is that during the course of his work, he sends pictures so that you can see exactly what he's doing or has completed as well as the materials he's using. This was great because I went up to the roof only twice, once at the commencement of the job and upon completion. An absolutely beautiful job. Edward and his assistant are meticulous workers, punctual, knowledgeable and courteous. I would highly recommend Edward's Roofing for roofing and plumbing services.
Erin Golembiewski
I called the company at 12:20 on a Thursday afternoon. They were at my house at 12:39 and were done working on my roof around 3:30. After the hurricane, my gutters were really bad. They cleaned them, reattached to the roof, and took out some old Verizon and Direct TV wires/satellites. We've had work done on our gutters before and their price was super reasonable in comparison. They even washed off our deck afterward. I will definitely use them again.